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Introducing AILEM

AILEM is an app that aims to provide language education for refugees and asylum seekers to help integrate in a foreign country.


The app is completely free and the content is tailored specifically for refugees and asylum seekers, depending on the region and their experiences.


Created by refugees, for refugees.

Our core ethos is “Created by refugees for refugees''. Throughout the app creation journey, every design, feature, and solution is consulted with our refugee and asylum seeker community, ensuring that we have a solution that is tailored to their journey, and experiences. 

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English, عربي , پښتو


"It was a pleasure to meet and to hear about AILEM’s youth-led and innovative work in support of refugees. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us about your mission to tailor language education to the needs of refugees and people seeking asylum"

"We are proud to see such a wonderful initiative from youngsters in AILEM"

[Regarding Refugee day 2023] "For one day, our guests felt they were the main person, like everyone else, as they used to feel back home"

Sepehr Saadat, AILEM Ambassador

"I am honoured to be an ambassador for what is very much a force for good in the world and grapples with one of the major crises of our time"

Léa Corban, Media Manager at the Refugee Council

Zunaid Ahmed Palak - State Minister for ICT, Bangladesh

Nidal Alcalde, Teacher at UWC Atlantic College

App Features

Learn through reading stories that revolve in common conversations from introductions to ordering food at a restaurant, ensuring that the refugees have the language capabilities to express themselves and seek out services.

Learn a new language in a foreign environment

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We have all been in a moment that there is the phrase you want to say but can't remember. Our AILEM map allows users to easy access to a summary of phrases that can be used in any situation, quick access and avaliable without internet.

Learn vocabulary and phrases instantaneously through our map

Learn language through interacting with other learners around the world

Connect with other students, teachers and users who are learning similar languages, allowing you to ask questions or share knowledge with each other. Have an opportunity to meet others in a simliar community where you are.


Learn a language through playing engaging games with online leaners

Through spirited and friendly competitions, users will be able to practice their language abilities. Users can play with random players online but also with the option to challenge their own friends.

Our Goals

Our Goals

These are the fundamental goals we strive to uphold in order to ensure we create a long lasting and impactful outcome for those who are in need.


Language education tailored to the needs of refugees and asylum seekers. Content that is complied through refugee interviews and our refugee and asylum seeker panel.


Language education that can be accessed easily with a free to download app.


Language education to empower refugees and asylum seekers to be able to express themselves.


Privacy is a fundamental human right. All the data stored is fully encrypted from passwords to emails.

About Us

The team is made up of youths from all continents, speaking more than 15 different languages, a mix of refugee with diverse backgrounds. 

Supported by

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The media

Read about our team and the app through the media by clicking on the image

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Common Queries

Got Questions? We’re Here to Help.

Where can I download AILEM?

Do I have to pay for AILEM?

Currently, the app avaliable on google playstore for android phones and iOS for apple devices. Soon we will be releasing the web app version.

AILEMapp is completely free to download without any form of in app purchase features as well.

We welcome any user who wants to use this app, our goal is to make free and accessible language education for all.

Is AILEM only for refugees and asylum seekers?

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