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Our story

Take a trip down memory lane with us, as we share about the origins and journey of the AILEM movement.


2nd of February 2021

Creation of AILEM

AILEM was created by co-founders, Abobakar and Xinny at UWC Atlantic College. A simple idea of an app to support refugees and asylum seekers was created from humble origins.

May 2021

First grant and support

Following the creation, AILEM received its first seed funding and support from the inaugural UWC Lighthouse Award. The recognition is an early signs that AILEM will prosper into a promising initiative. 


March 2022

AILEM's first app version

Almost a year since the creation of the concept, AILEM was first available to be downloaded on Google Play, shortly followed with the Apple iOS version.

October 2022

Meet our Mascot, Habibi

We welcome our new mascot, Habibi the Sand Cat. A special and resilient cat native to the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa, who represents the app.

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July 2022

Lauching AILEM Refugee Scheme

The new schemed provided stipend scheme for refugees who help AILEM translate content or writing stories. Together we build an app "Created by refugees, for refugees".

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September 2022

AILEM 2.0 Update

The AILEM 2.0 version released a new feature, AILEM exchange, allowing users to be able to interact with each other through posts.


January 2023

AILEM's New Years Update

The New Year's Update was the largest update to date, with the announcement of a new feature, AILEM games. Users can practice the language through interactive games. 

March 2023

AILEM's First Refugee Day

Hosted at UWC Altantic College, our volunteering team and students welcomed more than 70 refugees. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, they came together with enthusiasm and energy, embracing the chance to connect, explore, and have fun.


April 2023

AILEM Refugee Day at Malawi

Our first event in Africa, "Sanaa Weekend", involved more than 1000 refugees at Dzaleka Refugee Camp. An app presentation along with a music and dance festival that brought joy and excitement to the community.

May 2023

First place in the European Charlamagne Youth Prize

The Prize is an award run jointly by the European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen that highlights projects by young people to strengthen democracy and support active participation

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July 2023

Our iPad Launch at Dzaleka Refugee Camp

Our Malawi team hosted the iPads launch day inviting eager and bright youths from the camp to use the iPads for educational purposes. These iPads will be easily accessible day to day for the youths. AILEM also launched a monthly educational challenge for the youths to engage with multidisciplinary research using the iPads.

July 2023

Care packages distribution event at Bangladesh

AILEM organized a remarkable a care package distribution event, extending support to 200 Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMNs) residing in Rohingya camp 1E. The event is in collaboration with The ICT Division of Bangladesh, the Saiham Group,  the Refugee Relief and Repatriation Commissioner (RRRC) and Skill Finesse.


Looking back on the past year in depth...

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